Chronological Background

1923 – Forestry education leading to B.SC. (Forestry) degree was started at the Yangon University;

1964 – New forestry education system started and forestry course extended to (6) years after matriculation;

1985 – Department of Forestry was transferred to the Institute of Agriculture at Yezin;

1992 – Department of Forestry was upgraded to the status of a professional institute and its administration was transferred to Ministry of Forestry.

1996 – Postgraduate courses were offered;

2003 – Institute of Forestry was renamed as University of Forestry on 27th December;

2017 – University of Forestry was reorganized as University of Forestry and Environmental Science on 10th October;

Professors/Head of Department of Forestry,Yangon University

U Thein Han(1958-1959)
U Kyi (1959 - 1966)
U Tun Kyaw(1966-1974)
U Kin Maung Aye(1974-1975)
U Ye Lian Swam(1976-1982)
7 U Soe Kyi (1983 - 1991)
U Soe Kyi (1983 - 1991)

Rectors of UFES (1992 to present)

U Saw Yan Ag C Doo

Rector (1992-1995)

U Soe Tint

Rector (1995-1996)

U Aung Kyin

Rector (1996-1999)

U Aung Than

Rector (1999-2002)

U Win Kyi – 1

Rector (2002-2007)

U Khin Maung Zaw

Rector (2007-2009)

Dr. Myint OO

Rector (2010-2019)

Dr. San Win

Rector (2019-2020)

Dr. Khin Maung Sint

Rector (2020-Present)